Meat CSA

CSA Stands for Community Supported Agriculture. CSA shares are purchased by consumers at the beginning of a season to give farmers initial start up costs to purchase necessary supplies. In…

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The Farm

After four years operating on borrowed and leased land, we have purchased a 325 acre farm in Holden, Massachusetts! As young farmers striving to grow the business, we have been challenged by…

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Where to Find Us

Where to buy… Farmers’ market offerings include frozen cuts of meat as well as our all-natural meat sticks, free-range eggs, local syrup and honey. We have partnered with a few…

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Find our Products

Liliac Hedge Farm Products are available throughout the Commonwealth.

Grass Fed-Beef

Here at Lilac Hedge Farm we raise a registered herd of black angus cattle. Our cattle spend their spring, summer and fall rotati...

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Grass-Fed Lamb

We have a very mixed flock of sheep, consisting of st croix, dorset, dorpers, and kathadins. Our sheep are raised on rotating past...

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Pastured Pork

Our pigs are raised on wooded lots, foraging and rooting for feed. Since pigs are not ruminants like sheep and cows, they need som...

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