e505ca_5b8d08c7cde040f497230feb561103beWe have a very mixed flock of sheep, consisting of st croix, dorset, dorpers, and kathadins. Our sheep are raised on rotating pastures during the spring, summer and fall,  with hay during the winter months.

Our sheep are suplimented with a small amount of local natural grain during lambing season to assure good health for both the moms and lambs.

We breed our ewes for their mothering ability, disease resistance and rate of gain.


On our farm, our practices are simple. We raise our sheep on pasture with plenty of acreage to roam, if a sheep happens to get sick, that sheep is separated from the herd and treated as necessary. The goal is to get this animal to 100% good health as soon as possible.

We do not routinely treat our sheep with antibiotics or steroids, but on the same hand we will not deny a sick animal treatment, this is our responsability to assure the comfort and well being of our animals