11194510_1085725988110363_2152310438776491658_oAll of our animals are raised on our farm from birth, with plenty of outdoor space to roam and graze. Here at Lilac Hedge Farm, our animals are not treated with antibiotics, steroids or growth hormones. Our Black Angus cattle and Katahdin/Dorper sheep are fed a grass-based diet of pasture and hay. We practice rotational grazing on over 100 acres, which maximizes the animal’s nutrition while fertilizing the soil at the same time.

Our pigs are raised on wooded lots where they are free to root. Our heritage Hampshire, Berkshire and Tamworth pigs forage on pasture with a supplemented diet to ensure our pork is rich and tender.  Poultry are raised on pasture and are given a natural grain supplement as well.

When supplementing is necessary (during birthing or winter months) the grain we provide is grown, harvested and milled locally in Hadley Massachusetts. Our grain is sourced from a farmer who holds a doctorate in animal nutrition and who mixes the rations based on our animals’ dietary needs (i.e. more or less protein).

We raise our livestock attentively, safeguarding both the health of the animals as well as the land. This allows us to produce the highest quality meat. Our premium meats are not only flavorful; they provide high quality all-natural nutrition as well. Our beef is hung and dry aged for 21 days before cutting to improve taste and tenderness.