Our Story

11737983_1133902029959425_8104958988025645190_nLilac Hedge Farm came about as a vision to provide local, sustainably raised meats to consumers. Started by owners Ryan MacKay and Tom Corbett, Lilac Hedge Farm focuses on meats raised responsibly with extreme attention to care, comfort, nutrition and the quality of the animals.

Ryan and Tom started Lilac Hedge Farm in the early months of 2011 at 20 years of age, while both were attending school full time as well as maintaining a part time job. This past year Ryan and Tom graduated college and were then able to put all of their efforts into growing the business and maximizing animal production. The two started out with borrowing land wherever they could find it, at one point they had animals on 5 different properties. They then condensed to just two properties, in April of 2013 Ryan and Tom started leasing a 200-acre property where there was enough room for them to grow their business as the demand increases.

In August of 2015 Ryan and Tom Purchased a farm of their own in Holden Massachusetts! The former 350 acre Dairy farm is now the home to Lilac Hedge Farm and will allow for growth and efficiency in operations.

Our animals are raised from birth on our farm. We strive to produce the most 13178843_1320788441270782_8411544389176687706_nsustainable, healthy meat possible. All of our animals are raised outdoors, with plenty of land to roam and graze. All of our livestock thrive on a forage-based diet. Because pigs and poultry are not ruminants, their diet is also supplemented with a natural grain grown and produced by a sheep farmer in Western Mass. We do not treat our animals with antibiotics, steroids or growth hormones.

Both Ryan and Tom are actively involved in the Massachusetts Farm Bureau Young Farmers and Ranchers, learning, networking, and AGvocating with other young farmers across the state. Ryan also is a Board of Director for Worcester County Farm Bureau and is on the State Livestock Committee.

Our main focus is selling our meats through direct retail at farmers markets that we attend. We feel that it is the best way for us to market our meat. we find it very important to talk to our customers and get to know them as much as possible. We are always willing to answer any questions you may have and are more than happy to tell you more about our journey and our animals.