CSA Stands for Community Supported Agriculture. CSA shares are purchased by consumers at the beginning of a season to give farmers initial start up costs to purchase necessary supplies. In return for the shares the consumer receives a portion of the farmer’s harvest once a month. Vegetable CSA’s are very popular in Massachusetts in order for consumers to connect with a local farmer and receive a fresh and healthy source of vegetables all season long.

Meat CSA is based on the same fundamental factors, by joining our meat CSA you are connecting with us as your farmer and gaining knowledge of where your food comes from. We guarantee that you receive the same amount of meat every month. The variation of meat and cuts depends on what has been processed that month. If you are a person who wants to know where their food comes from and develop a relationship with the people who grow your food, then our CSA is for you! Our animals are raised on pasture without the use of added growth hormones or vaccinations.

Meat Share

Our popular meat share provides you with a mixture of beef, pork, lamb, and poultry every month. The meat share will include steaks, chops, handmade sausages, ground, stew and roasts. Meat Shares Start at $9/lb and costs decrease as share increment increases.

  • Summer months will include more grilling meats
  • Winter months will include more slow cooking cuts
  • Pork and lamb free shares available by request
  • Organ meat available by request
  • 1% discount for signing up for a year long duration

We offer rolling admission so you can sign up anytime! Signup must take place 1 week before your anticipated starting month. Membership in our meat share also allows you access to our CSA online store where you can purchase additional cuts, meat packages and local goods such as local maple syrup and honey.

6 Month Duration

  • 10lbs-­‐$540 ($9.00/lb)
  • 15lbs-­‐$792 ($8.80/lb)
  • 20lbs-­‐$1014 ($8.45/lb)
  • 25lbs-­‐$1236 ($8.24/lb)
  • 25 + Pounds $8.10/lb

Poultry Share

Our poultry share will include a wide array of chicken and turkey cuts, including but not limited to breasts, wings, drumsticks, thighs, split birds, whole birds, ground and sausage! Our poultry share can be purchased separate or in addition to our meat share. Poultry Shares start at $9/lb and decreases as share increment increases

6 Month Duration

  • 10lbs-­‐$540 ($9.00/lb)
  • 15lbs – $127.50 ($8.50/lb)
  • 20lbs-­‐$960 ($8.00/lb)

Raw Dog Food Share

6 Month Duration
  • 10lbs–$360 ($6/lb)
  • 20lbs–$600 ($5/lb)

Pickup Locations

  • Berlin
  • Burlington
  • Cambridge
  • Dewey Square
  • Holden
  • Newburyport
  • Roslindale
  • Somerville
  • Winchester

Home Delivery

Can’t make it to one of our pickup locations? Convenient, eco-friendly and affordable; HOME DELIVERY is available via Metro Pedal Power to the following cities:

  • Downtown Boston
  • Back Bay
  • South End
  • Seaport
  • Charlestown
  • Somerville
  • Cambridge
  • Brookline
  • Arlington
  • Belmont
  • Brighton
  • Watertown
  • Lexington
  • Winchester
  • Malden
  • Medford
  • Newton
  • Milton
  • Jamaica Plain
  • Dorchester

Pricing based upon delivery location (roughly $10-$15), contact Metro Pedal for exact pricing details. (617) 776-3700 csa@Metropedalpower.com

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