12970894_10206239599488926_836465937287762191_oWe take special care to handle our animals humanely from birth through the day of processing. All of our red meats are harvested locally at Adams Farm in Athol which is one of two USDA slaughterhouses in Massachusetts. This facility was designed by Temple Grandin, who is world renowned for her efforts to ensure the humane slaughter of livestock. Adams Farm strives to make the process stress free for the animals while treating them with dignity.  The well-managed, hygienic environment results in safe, quality meat cut to Lilac Hedge Farm’s strict specifications.

Our Poultry is harvested at Valley View Farm which is a state certified facility in Templeton MA. While there is no access to a USDA poultry facility in MA, a state certified facility allows us to market our poultry within state borders. This state certified facility still undergoes inspections and are held to the highest in sanitary standards as well it only limits us geographically.

We are transparent with all of our processing practices and encourage customers to ask questions to enhance their understanding.